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Accessing sounds from QuickTime Music Synthesizer?


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I appreciate this will sound like very, very simple stuff but it has been bugging me for a while and I would really like to know the answer:


When using Apple DLS Music Device in Logic 8 I am only able to access the 128 GM Sounds that are in "Quicktime Music Synthesizer".

However, I know there are loads more GS based sounds such as 60's Strings and 60's Electric Piano but I don't know how to input the relevant bank changes to access these.


I have read all about GM Midi 2, MSB/LSB etc etc but none of it seems to make any sense.


I can see and hear all the various GM/GS in tiny apps like SimpleSynth (Apple DLS Soundset) and would just like to know how to incorporate these into Logic 8.


I know how to use Soundfonts but would like to know how to access the sounds straight from the internal "Quick Time Music Synthesizer" via the Apple DLS Music Device audio unit.


Thanks for any help!! :?:

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Hello logicpro8user,


Welcome to Logic Pro Help!


Before we begin helping you, I'd like to ask that you please read our Read Me Before Posting - Forum Guidelines.


You'll notice that we do not allow members to double post topics (I have deleted your duplicate post).


Also I've had to edit your non-descriptive topic title.


Finally, please add your system info in your signature so we know what version of Logic, Mac OS X, what Mac etc... you're working with, and so we can give you information that's relevant to your system.


Thank you! :D

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