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Converting LP 4 file to 8

Audio Ethics

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Hey guys. I recently tried getting a session from someone for mixing but it said it wasn't compatible with my version of Logic 8. It said the file needed to be loaded into version 7.2.1 or earlier to convert the project. After calling the guy back he said he had LP 4 running on OS 9 system, and said consolidating the tracks on his system takes forever.


My main question is once I find someone with LP 7, how do they convert the file?

And is there a way to bypass converting it?

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Apologies in advance for momuntarily hijacking this thread, but I have been trying to find someone with a version of Logic prior 7.2.1 also. As I have a Logic file which has an midi/multi-instrument in the environment for a 'Juno106' which I have been after forever.


So... Audio Ethics if you manage to find someone to "update" your LP file, could you maybe possibly help a fellow pain sufferer out, I would be unbelievably grateful :)


Thanks Sam.


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