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Automation zoom doesn't work any more


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Hey guys,

I found some similar subjects here, but none of them solved my problems.

All of a sudden the zoom is not working anymore for automation.

In former times, when I pressed 'A' all my tracks were zoomed in and I saw my automation curves. Now whenever I press 'A' nothing happens anymore if my tracks are too small. I first have to make my tracks bigger and then I can see the automation curves. that's a bit complicated if u have 30 tracks or more and u have to enlarge every single track manually to see your automation.

I restarted Logic several times, I restarted my computer, I switched auto zoom ('Z') on and off...nothing helps....

Do u have an idea why my tracks are not zooming in anymore when I press 'A'?

thanx so much for help.

I work with OS X 10.6.7 and Logic 9.1.3




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