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New Motherboard installed = lost Logic's registration data


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I recently had my bust motherboard replaced, now Logic will not get past the registration/ serial number window.

I can access the serial # on monday, but would need to work now, during the weekend. I did make a full backup of my hard drive via Time Machine just before the computer totally ceased to boot, so in theory I should be able to restore from the Time Machine backup, but I don't know which file in my backup contains Logic's serial number.


Logic 9.1.3

OS X 10.5.8

Mac Book Pro, 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo


internal HD, external 1 TB LaCie HDD

audio interface: Digidesign M-Box 1

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You can't retrieve your serial number from the Logic Studio System ID file.


That stores the result of hashing your serial number with your hardware details. If your hardware details change (ie, new motherboard), the hash won't match, so Logic will ask for your serial number to create a new authorisation for your hardware.


If you don't have a record of your serial number, and can't run Logic, there's no magical way to get it, unless perhaps you entered it into a web form when direct downloading a Logic update from the Logic page on Apple's site and your web browser has kept that form entry saved...


Always keep a file on your computer or Lastpass/whatever of important serial numbers, you never know when you will need them to hand in a hurry.


If you have a record of purchase from Apple, they may be able to look it up for you.

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Thanks for the input.


I'll just have to wait 'till monday when I get back to my install DVDs.

Lessoned learned: always keep a record of my serials on paper or on the web.


Thanks for the helpful input. As far as I'm concerned, case closed.


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