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Logic and Apogee's GiO

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I'm looking forward to expand my pedal collection, but instead of buying the analog pedal themselves I saw this multi pedalboard usb-midi controller by Apogee. Have you guys used it? Is it any good Live?

Also I would like to add more pedal/effects to the default pedalboard plugin that comes with logic, is that possible? I'm willing to pay. I noticed that the built-in Pedals come as .pst files in the

ROOT/library/application support/logic/Plug-in Settings/PedalBoard



Thanks for your help, any comments appreciated.

Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong location, this one seemed to be the fairly the best.

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Ok, but what I actually want to do is trigger a Plug-In On and Off, I want more then just pedals you see. Lets say a put a Delay->Echo plugin in a track where my guitar is being monitored. In the Echo plugin theres no On/Off toggle which I could assign to a MIDI CC.


Here is an idea: If I put my guitar into 2 tracks simultaneously and in one of then I put on the echo and mute the track. The other stays clean of effects. When I want to toggle the Echo ON, I could mute the current clean track and unmute the Echo track. What about that? Any better solution guys?


Thank you very much for the answers! :)

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