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'Single' mixer view not showing multiple Auxes? [SOLVED]


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I think this is a bug - i tried searching and couldn't come up with anything..


What's going on is this: I have set my drum channels' output to a bus, named 'drum bus' in this instance. Then, I create two aux channelstrips, one called 'dry' and one called 'wet' and set their inputs to 'drum bus' for a typical parallel processing mult.


Switch to 'Single' view in the mixer and lo and behold, only the 'dry' channel is showing in the display, even though the 'wet' channel is obviously part of the signal flow. Anyone else have this experience? A work around is to use sends instead for the wet mix, but I prefer the mult method as it's cleaner and simpler.

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I think I remember having that problem before - I'm not in front of Logic but I'll try it whenever I get a chance and will report back - unless someone else wants to give it a shot?


I gave it a shot a couple of days ago and also I get what simplesly describes. I forgot to post that I guess :roll: :oops:


Works as expected in Logic 9, though! :D



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