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Logic Pro 9 Demo Projects--More available somewhere?

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Hi all! New to the forums, and relatively new to Logic. I am a musician by trade that dabbles in home recording for fun/making demos for my band/etc. I have several years of Pro Tools and Reaper experience but recently bought Logic and I love it! Nice to know there is a good forum to use--I've gotten lots of tips and tricks just from lurking here already--thank you!


Anyway, my question concerns the demo projects that come with Logic (Numbers Game by Thievery Corporation, etc). It is a really cool thing to see how those songs were created--sort of a real-world version of those "Behind the Glass" books with the producer/engineer interviews. Are there any more of these fully-fleshed out demo songs available somewhere? I have seen one website with dance tracks you can download, but I'm more of a rock/acoustic kind of guy. I find delving into this stuff kind of addicting, and I need my fix!


Also, how "real" are these demo projects? Are they really the actual final mixes that went to mastering, or is the whole concept more of a sales thing (kind of like the "artist" presets in the old Digitech 21 Legend where they implied that the famous guitar players named in their ads use those presets but they really didn't)?


Sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forum! I posted it to Control Room because I thought it might fall under "production techniques", but if I'm wrong, no harm meant.

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