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Error: Disk is too slow or System Overload. (-10009)


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I got a 2500.00$ macbook pro about 10 months ago. Its main purpose is for audio production and logic is the primary program that I use. I've been working on projects, pretty basic ones, with approx 4 to 5 instrument tracks and usually a delay effect or reverb effect in the inserts... But nothing to crazy, usually only one or 2 insert effects on each instrument. I'm only using synths and midi (EXS24, EX2, ESE). Lately when recording or during playback logic's HD will frequently overload... and a message "Disk is too slow or System Overload.

(-10009)" comes up. Now, i understand that if your putting a lot of stress on your system why this problem might occur. However like i explained above I'm not doing a lot of heavy processing in my projects. So could this be a settings issue? I was told a while back that the only way to deal with this problem is to go into Logics preferences and change the buffer size... But i've tried several different buffer sizes and logic still crashes while I'm in the middle of recording something or even during playback... This is extremely anoying considering that my Macbook is supposed to be a powerful audio production unit. My specs are as follows.


Processor: 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7

Memory: 4GB 1067 Mhz DDR3

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Thanks Triplets:)


Prior to getting a Macbook, when I worked on a PC laptop using Reason and Acid Pro with roughly same number of tracks and midi instruments I never had this type of issue... And I recorded straight to my PC drive . Which is why Im a little confused why my Macbook pro would have troubles with processing similar sized projects. My old PC had half the Ram and a 10th the HD space. Not to say my old system was better but this is one difference that certainly sticks out.


Anyway I'll give an external drive a try. Hopefully that will make everything run smoother. Is USB 3.0 gonna be okay or should it be a FW Drive?. I use an M-audio mobile interface.

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