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Native Instruments Exspansion Packs?

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I picked up the new Vintage Heat Expansion for Maschine and it's sick. A lot of good analog drum sounds for hip-hop/rap/electro/dubstep...any music that needs a good solid kick and snare sounds. I guess Goldbaby did the production, who I've always liked when it comes to getting samples. The samples sound good, but not cheesy or overproduced. Has like 50 kits or so.


The Abbey Roads drum collections for Kontakt are a good choice when it comes to about the most realistic sounding drum samples I've ever heard. Just the hi hat sounds alone are worth the price, as I have always hated sampled hi hats until I heard these kits. Only 2 kits but the sample quality is ridiculous.


Alicia's Keys for Kontakt is the best sounding software piano I've ever heard. I have Akoustik Piano, but it pales in comparison in my opinion.

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