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How to feed Delay into itself ?


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I want to feed my Delay with it's own effect and make that endless feedback effect (or continuous repetitions and than fade out). I know I have Feedback knob for that on Delay Designer but If I was to do it "old school" way, by routing, is THIS how I should go ?


(I have a single snare hit here and it should make this happen but I got all sort of noises and flaming issues, and even sudden ear hurting pops and noise. Maybe I need some specific DRY/WET settings on a Delay Designer in order to make this work....)


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Wow...cool David. So sending Bus 1 as a send to the Aux with Bus 1 on the input.

I tried going Bus 1 for the Input AND the Output of the same channel strip :lol:

Of course I didn't set any Output so I had no sound at all, haha... at least I was on the clue.

Thanks again David.

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