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Audio files disappearing act.


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Just finished doing some BV's on 4 separate Projects. Now when I try to re-open one of them I get a warning that the Audio Files used in that particular Project cannot be found. :roll:

All the other Projects were set up the same way and are all there, any thoughts on what could have happened to those stray Audio files?

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Thanks for the interest.

No nothing comes up in a Spotlight search. And there is nothing from that Project in the Trash. When I look inside the Audio Files folder of the Project I see that the files have "lbm" at the end instead of "AIFF".

I've never seen that before. And in the "kind" column it is described as a Document.

So in short the files appear to be in place they are just not the right type of files.

This is a Grab of the Quicklook view of the Project in the Finder just to prove that those files were actually there.


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What is File Extension LBM?


Try changing the ".lbm" to ".aiff" and see what happens.


I had a very similar situation happen to me a few days ago and actually did get a chance to try this out. Manually changed all the .lbm back to .aif and wound up with a bunch a of 1KB "aif" files that were unreadable and most certainly not the 50+ MB sound files I was looking for. Also tried to put them through a file converter with similar results. These LBMs contain none of the information you're looking for so don't waste your time on them.


Look around in your hard drive for the AIFs. In my case, they were just sitting in the trash. I supposed Logic glitched and just spit them out, leaving behind a bunch of useless LBMs in their place. No explanation available, but it happens. Anyway, I put them back where they belong and everything works fine. If they're not in your trash, check everywhere else.

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