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slowing tempo/time signature in a single bar


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I was wondering if there is a way to switch the tempo and or the time signature of a single bar? Basically on the 8th bar of my song I want to create a break down which calls for me to slow the tempo continuously and even possibly mess with the time signature. So from 8th to 9th bar I want to have the tempo go from 80 to 75, then on bar 1 to 8 back to 80 bpm. The same question goes for the time signature. Also If I do this will it look in with the loop? What I mean is when I copy it, will the tempo change be copied with my loop or will I have to reinsert every time. Similar to what I mean can be found in this song:




any advice is appreciated! Thanks

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Time Signature:

Place your playhead where you want and change the time signature in your transport bar. Place the playhead one bar later and again, change the time signature in your tranport bar, back to the original time signature.



Open your global tracks, open the tempo track. Double-click with the Pointer tool (not the hand tool you get when hovering the tempo line) to create a tempo change. Drag the blue node above or below your tempo change to create a tempo curve.


When dragging your loop, if you shift-select global tracks event, they'll be dragged along.

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