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Automating Superior Drummer 2.0 in Logic Pro 9.1.3


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Question, I understand Superior Drummer 2.0 is a third party instrument in Logic. However, is it possible to program Superior Drummer 2.0 via Logic's autiomation? For example, between bars 1 - 5 is one tone/sound of the hi-hat, snare, & toms then between bars 5 - 10 you use logic's automation to change the tone/sound of the hi-hat, snare, and toms using Logic's automation by pressing A. When I highlight the Superior Drummer track and press A to bring up the automation, I am not seeing any of the Superior Drummer 2.0 parameters to manipulate or change Superior Drummer tone/sound via Logic's automation. Seems like the only way to do this is to open numerous Superior Drummer instrument tracks, which would use lots of RAM.


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