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caps lock on keyboard logic 9, no sound


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recently installed logic 9 on new drive. never had this problem before, tho on my last drive i did upgrade from 8, this was a completely new install of 9.


when i open a software channel, and try using any of the library samples in logic 9 by pressing CAPS LOCK and using my computer keyboard, none of the sounds play.

there are no lights in the meter bar either.

when i press a button, it shows which key i am hitting in both the 'virtual floating keyboard' and in the transport window.

tho it says 'no out' in the transport window, how can i change that, are there settings somewhere?

why is it saying 'no out'?

and yes, its def a software channel and not audio.


could there possibly be an error because the jampacks have been installed on a separate drive during instillation?


Another note, which might be related. a lot of my keyboard shortcuts are not working, is there a way to reset these? how can i fix this problem?


thank you for looking

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it is probably also worth mentioning that when i manually pencil in notes in the selected channel in the piano roll, there is also no sound.

this is the first time i have experience this problem using logic.


hi eric,

i tried that, not sure exactly step by step if i got it right, but no luck.

i was just wondering if there is a way to fix this, and to fix the problem with my shortcuts not working on the computer keyboard?

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That is a valid question.

the track is 'armed' if thats what you mean, as in, the 'R' is on, ready to record.



but i just discovered that i did something even more stupid :D

i had a few tracks on Solo, so it obviously wouldn't play. dohhhhh.


sorry everyone, gawd that was clever :P in my defense it is 3am in the morning and i have been recording all day.


thank you everyone for looking and helping.


(sheepish grin)

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