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Any guitar reverb pedals that closely resemble 'Enverb'?

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check out the TC electronic 'Hall Of Fame'.


It has something called "toneprint" which allows you to load in a special 'tone' as such that is edited way beyond the capabilities of the front panel controls. There is talk of them making the software available to the general public so you could go really overboard with it if that happens.


but how does 4:50ish in this video sound for you?



Seems a pretty flexible pedal!


Dunno if it will give you what you're looking for but its worth checking out.

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Thanks. That sound at 4:50 actually sounded a little too tame still, but I guess I'd have to get my hands on one to actually determine if it could do what I wanted it to do. I'm curious about the toneprint.
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They've got a good video explaining how toneprint works and stuff.



And here's the toneprints for the hall of fame at the minute:




Don't know if any of those sound like what you want.


There's also the Eventide Space which I think just got released at the latest Namm show.


I don't really know much about it but I'd imagine its gonna be pretty powerful and top quality considering its Eventide.



It's quite expensive as far as stomp boxes go though.

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