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Going back to Logic 8?


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been using 9.1.3 and I'm getting sick of the -10011 errors... After all the possible fixes, nothing's really worked longterm.


I've been looking into backwards compatability and I'm not sure what will be affected by opening my LP9 projects in LP8. I don't use flex time or anything... just midi drums from superior (that are manually tapped in) and amplitube etc... but what about LP9's reverb/delay/compression settings etc?

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What makes you think that Logic 8 will be better?

Are you on Snow Leopard? If yes, Logic 8 on SL is graphically glitchy.

What have you done so far to improve the errors?

If you use SD a lot, could be the plugin that's too much for the laptop and ram.

What is a typical session of yours, that gives you the errors?

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Thanks for responding Triplets.

I'm just on Leopard 10.5.8... would Snow Leopard make a difference, or would it be more demanding than what I have now?


The error only occurs at the start of regions.

I've followed the Apple Script suggestions, Buffer Size changes etc., that have been suggested in other threads.


I always use Superior Drummer 2 for drums, and Amplitube for guitar tracks.

Other than that, vocals have compression, space designer, EQ.

Guitar tracks have Space Designer.


I used LP8 and don't remember getting any overload errors.

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I use only one external for Logic.

I have a firewire hub that's 400mb/s.


Duet plugged into hub directly.

Logic external drive is plugged into the hub as well.

Extra external (backups, software etc.) is daisy'd into the drive used for Logic recording.

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