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Tutorial on creating custom synth mixer environments


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All you really need to do is look up in your Kurz manual for the data to access whatever parameter you want to edit, and add a button/fader in Logic's environment, set it to the correct output data, cable it to your Kurz instrument.


If the Kurz is one of those devices which can use CC values to get at all it's parameters, it's fairly easy (though time consuming) to do.


If it's by MIDI SysEx, then it's potentially trickier, dependent on the sysex implementation and documentation and the fact there's more numbers involved.


Best advice - crack open the manual, and make a start. Get one button/fader in Logic able to change one parameter, and you'll have cracked it. Then continue on adding the rest.

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Thanks. I think CC will work. I've seen some incredible editors for the JV1010 and the Korg Trition. Didn't think I'd be the one to make one for the PC3 (especially given how err... vast it is)


Love to hear from any Kurzweil players who have possibly started on this. Maybe we can all work on this( if there are more of us than just me) and create a custom mixer for the PC3.


I have too many kids (2) to do the whole project and get it done before the year 2022.


Thanks !

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