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To 64 bit or not 64 bit.

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I've just installed the full 16GB of memory in my iMac.

Should I run Logic in 64 bit?


O, yes!




Mmmmm... sixteen Gigabytes RAM...


What should I know beforehand? Any thing to watch out for, any quibbles?


That 3rd party 32-bit plugins will use a bridging application that allows you to use them anyway. This has some implications for workflow, because Logic is in the background when tweaking bridged plugins via their GUI. Also, the bridge app crashes regularly, so when creating custom presets in a 32-bit plugin, it is advised to save the patch often. The bridge relaunches easily though (because it is a separate app, it doesn't affect Logic (except for the tracks where 32 bit plugs are active, of course), and after it has crashed it takes only 10-20 seconds before it has relaunched and you can continue working. It is a nuisance, but it is tolerable.

You could opt to not use any 32-bit plugins, here's a list of 3rd party plugins that are 64 bit compatible already:


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before Waves and Izotope get off their fat asses and release some 64bit versions the 64 bit version of logic is not an option for me.


I tried it for a while, but the bridge is a painful suboptimal hack to make 32bits work.

Not sure but I think the 64bit cubase 6 does not have any bridge feature under macOs, a least I could not find anything about that.



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