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Can you Copy frozen audio to new track? Like AbltonLive?


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Can you convert softsynths immediately to wav without exporting or bouncing?


In Ableton Live, you can do the following:


Freeze a virtual instrument track

Option drag midi track strait to new audio track

Then you can view, edit, and process MIDI track data as a new .wav clip


Is this possible in Logic?

If not, then what is the fastest way to get MIDI from softsynths converted stricktly to wave or aiff?




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I believe you're looking for "Bounce Regions" in the toolbar (top right of the Arrange window)? It bounces any region(s) (including MIDI regions) into a new audio region.


Is this a feature exclusive to logic 9? I can't find it in Logic 8.



Ps...David, i just realized you're the guy that wrote the logic 8 textbook I have sitting on my shelf!! Good to catch ya online.

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