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Latency issues when "save as"

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Hey anyone have any insight on this issue -


I'm getting some pretty crazy latency with some (not all) logic files when I do a "save as" and start working in the new project. The latency (maybe 50 - 100ms) occurs with my usb midi controller AND with audio in through my motu 828mkii. This ONLY happens when I do a save as, and if I open a new project from scratch, the latency disappears. I've tried messing with the buffer size and all the other setting in preferences-audio, to no avail.


It's really not that big a deal, but having the ability to keep a certain palate of virtual instruments and plugins saves time over starting from scratch.




mbp 4gb - logic pro 9 - 828mkii firewire interface - axiom pro 49 usb controller

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