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A kit that I put together for EXS

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I sampled the playground I take my daughter too: big plastic slides, metal poles, fences, sand grinding underfoot. sounds pretty silly, but you can put together a pretty cool sounding drum part with this stuff. here's a song I did with it:



it's not mapped out GM style as it is a pretty random selection of sounds and I put the kit together for that song. you can always just write the part with a standard drum kit and then move the notes to the sound you like in my Playground Kit. there are a lot more sounds than what you hear in the song.


exs drum kit

macbook pro, 2.8 GHz intel core duo, 750 GB HD, 10 gigs RAM, Logic Studio 9.1.8

my blog:


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Thanks, Michael.


Very nice song, too!



Mac mini 2018 3.2 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7 - 67GB RAM | macOS 11.6.1 | Logic Pro 10.7.1
MacBook Pro 15" Retina i7 2.2 GHz - 16GB RAM | macOS 10.15.7 | Logic Pro 10.6.3
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What folder/location should one put this file to have it in the EXS selections?

 Logic Pro 9.1.8 and X 10.3.3

Retina 5k iMac 4ghz i7 32gb RAM 512gb SSD (El Capitan)

MacBook Pro 2.9ghz i7 16gb RAM 2x512gb SSD (El Capitan)

External Glyph drives

Apogee Duet

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