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External Hard Drive question

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Hi all, had a question regarding recording/playing back from an external hard drive. Currently I'm recording in Logic 9 (64bit) at 44.1/24bit on an Imac 2.66 Intel Core 2 Duo with 8 gigs of RAM. Not bad, however I'm recording to the 5400rpm stock internal hard drive ( i know i know, stupid) and I think it's best I invest in a 7200RPM external for obvious reasons. My questions would be :


1) Would recording/playing back from a 7200RPM external (either USB or Firewire.. more on this on the next question) allow me the ability to record at 88.2 or 96khz without getting system errors? I do tend to use a lot of plugins (some waves stuff on the audio, a generous amount of superior drummer, spectrasonics stuff)


2) Would I want to go the external USB 2.0 route or Firewire? The reason I ask is I'm currently using the only Firewire port for my apogee duet. I could daisy chain if needed, but I suppose USB would be more convenient to record/playback, but certainly not if it would cause stutters or other issues


3) What is a good, quiet, external HD that you yourself are using with GREAT results? Gylph? Lacie? WD?


What complicates this more is im planning on buying the net Apogee Duet 2 (which is a USB2.0 interface) and replacing my current Firewire Duet.


As always, looking forward to advice from some fellow Logic users :)



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1. Yes, it would. I would stick to 44.1 or 48 kHz though. Half as big, half the readout and/or writing load, half the processing load for every plugin it passes through. I'ld only ever use 88 or 96 kHz for very, very subtle and detailed recordings that are going to be very delicately mixed WITHOUT much (dynamic) processing.

2. FireWire. Duet > Disk > Mac. No problem.

3. I have a WD, Glyphs get good press, La Cie less.


Switching to a USB interface does not complicate things at all. The disk can still be on FW, with the interface on USB.

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