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All the tutorials I find are not good.


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I keep looking for tutorials for Logic.


can anyone give me a reliable place to start looking, I seem to always end up watching videos which are no good.


where can I watch good vids! :)

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Trust me on this one, you're going to flail around for a long time.


You have to buy David's book. I know you might think we're all pandering to him because of this site, but that couldn't be further from the truth.


The problem with learning with Youtube vids and other courses is that they aren't thorough enough. You'll know what you know, but you won't know a lot. I tried it that way. They're interesting to look at after you've learned stuff, because you might see an alternative or a trick, but that's all you'll really get out of it.

It's a graded course. He knows what he's talking about, and he knows how to explain it to you. There's exercises to help you. I went through it chapter by chapter. I'm no expert, but I can do stuff now.


I bought the book AND the Kindle version. The Kindle is great because you can search it and have it right in your face while you're working. It's disadvantage is that it doesn't have the practice files that are so helpful.


If you combine David's book with the manual, you'll be able to do a lot.


Trust me on this one. I have a sight problem that makes software, especially deep software like Logic, difficult to absorb, and now I breeze right through most things, until I come here an hassle you all.

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Hi Jake49,


I have recently started a Logic Pro Tutorials website @ http://www.logicprohq.com where you can find some free tutorials.


Don't forget to ask on here or search the forums here if you are stuck with anything in particular as pretty much everything has been covered as some time or another :)


Hope this helps, Cheers

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