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Problem panning using automation


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I'm using Logic 8.0.2 on a Macbook Pro.


I'm making a click track (click left, music right) and am using the track automation feature to pan everything.


I started by writing the score on Sibelius 6, then exported a MIDI file into Logic 8 to enable me to use various plug ins and create the click track. My problem is that when I use the automation to hard pan the Click to the left, upon playback it ignores the panning. Weirdly however, it does NOT ignore the panning if I start anywhere in the track other than the beginning. Only when the track plays from the beginning does it ignore the automated panning. Weird huh?


Usually when I do this I pan the track in Sibelius first before creating the MIDI file to use in Logic, however this time I didn't and it's gone all weird on me. I think it might be a MIDI issue, but I'm not sure.


Any advice appreciated.



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Can you make a screenshot of your arrange (showing the first 16 or or so bars), in Automation mode (hit "A"), with the click track zoomed in vertically (= bigger than the other tracks), and with the Event list (hit "E") for the click track region on the side panel?


You may have MIDI CC 10 (Pan) conflicting with automation event 10 (Pan too).

You could also check the Automation Event list (ctrl-cmd-E) against the (MIDI) Event list ("E" for the side panel, cmd-0 (zero) for a separate window).

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