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SL MkII Controller and Roland TD-3 Electric drum kit latency


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I'm studying Music Technology at university and have an upcoming performance whereby I have to create a Mainstage interface which will work with an electric drum kit.


I've made a patch which allows my SL MkII controller to play keys sounds and an electric kit (connected via MIDI cable to SL MkIIs MIDI in) to play drum sounds simultaneously. I also have it set so that the Crash Cymbal pad will trigger record and stop on loopback...


My problem is, when I first set this up, the keyboard was playing with no latency at all, but the drums were playing with a massive, unplayable latency. Which needless to say was a huge issue when it came to trying to loop in time. I had a friend fiddle with this for ages to no avail, after a while of leaving the computer alone I came back to try again and as if by magic it worked perfectly... It continued to work for several days until another friend asked for his electric kit back...


Ignoring the previous problem and assuming all was well I took my set up to Uni, this time connecting on of their TD-3 kits which I have to use for my performance... I was back to square one. Hideous amounts of latency again, but only on the drums... after a whole day of having the University tech guys try to work it out it suddenly started working again but very intermittently. Maybe 1 in 3 attempts to play and record a loop happened latency free, the rest turned into an atrocious mess.


I've got my Buffer Size set as low as audibly possible... and if I plug a keyboard into the SL MkII instead of a drum kit it seems to work fine...


Can anyone offer any solution or point out any stupid mistakes I might be making?

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