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CPU overload with 1 virtual instrument when sample rate >


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Hi. I've got Logic 9, an 8 core Mac, and 8GB of RAM running OS X 10.6.7. Logic is running in 32 bit mode.

I've also got a Lynx Aurora + AES16e for AD/DA conversion


When I change the sample rate of my project to anything other than 44.1KHz and play 1 virtual instrument my CPU spikes with any more than 5 notes playing at the same time. Related I think, when I throw a multimeter on an any track with a sample rate > 44.1KHz my CPU also spikes and I hear pops/clicks.


Recording live audio seems fine, for example, I can record an instrument at 96KHz/24bit with no CPU usage to speak of.


I've got a beefy system, and the CPU literally spikes with 1 virtual instrument when the sample rate isn't 44.1KHz. When the sample rate is 44.1KHz I can run 30 instruments with no trouble...


Any ideas? Thanks for your help

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Thanks - I think (hope) I have a more fundamental problem than that.


If I start a new project, add a Software Instrument and set it to, for example, a Yamaha piano at 44.1KHz I'm fine, I can play anything via MIDI controller with no problems. If I increase to 48KHz, all of a sudden my CPU spikes to the point where I can't play anything via MIDI.


There are plugins involved with the Software Instrument, yes, but surely I should be able to add a piano to an empty project at 48KHz and track it via MIDI controller without my CPU overloading. And to clarify, when I say overloading, I mean 100% CPU usage so an error message pops up and the tracking pauses, sound clicks and pops.


And final point of clarification, the sample rates in Logic, the Audio/Midi Setup window, my Lynx Mixer and the Aurora are all in sync, i.e. 48KHz.


I appreciate your help!

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