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Saving Logic Pro Projects onto a Windows File Server


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Good afternoon :D


We're are looking into setting up a 'golden triangle' but when it comes to saving work we cannot save projects from Logic Pro (or GarageBand for that matter) but everything else saves absolutely fine. So when a student (we work in a school) saves their work they then have to go back to that exact same iMac for them to access that file again. So it is saving on the local disk rather then server.


Now we're pretty new to Mac and still learning the basics but our ultimate goal is to attach about 10-12 iMacs into a current Windows File Server which then students can then access their Logic Pro files from any iMac across the school.


We've searched the internet and asked around but cannot really get a definitive answer.


I apologise if:


A) This is in the wrong forum (As we read all the posts but couldn't see an area that fit this perfectly)


B) We are missing any information. If you need any specific details i can get them for you.


I'm just hoping that this is a relatively common problem and we're just missing something!


Thanks in advance

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When you say Everything Else save fine... you mean also different files saved in windows server from same MAC?


Can you try to save the logic project into MAC desktop,

and than try to make a copy of it into the windows server, without trying to save it directly into the server?


1 - you save it into the mac

2 -you copy the saved project into the server


Into the mac, in finder, the mac and the windows server are connected?

Can you see from mac the windows server folder shared?


The windows server is formatted in NTFS ?

If yes you cannot save in NTFS (windows format) from mac until you don't install a plugin like macfuse or NTFS-3G

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