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Logic Pro 8 Cutting Out Audio


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Hi there,


I have kind of a big problem with Logic Pro 8 and am wondering if anyone can help. Basically, when my track is playing it starts cutting out audio at randon times. It even cuts out some of sidechaining ive used on instruments.


I have 89 channels within the project, 8 of which are VST instruments that i have already tried bypassing them just incase it was a VST conflicting with the project. Although there are 89 channels, there are never 89 sounds happening at once.


The CPU isnt running to high and ive set the buffer range to its highest to see if this would help but it didnt. Im also running a fairly high-spec macbook pro with OSX 10.6.4, a processor of 2.53GHz, Intel Core i5 and memory of 4gb, 1067MHz DDr3.


This is also occurring when just using my headphones so it cant be a problem with my audio interface.


If anyone can share any solutions to this increasingly annoying problem i would be eternally greatful.



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Dont get any error messages, track continues to play and drops audio in/out at random points. One thing i did forget to mention is that it now seems to happen when i try to add another audio channel. Ill insert one, Logic will stutter and reset the audio driver then none of it will play properly.


Where can i check my hard drive meter mate? Only been looking at the CPU one in Logic

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Is your session on an external hard drive?


If you are running the session off the internal drive, I suspect that with the high track count, and the amount of RAM you have.


OSX may be stopping disk access by other apps to handle virtual memory.


How much free space do you have on your system drive?



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