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Having problems with Kontakt multi-output

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Hello everyone :D


I am making an orchestral template in Logic with kontakt as my main sampler but I am have a couple of issues and I don't know what the problem is.


I use multi-output and click that little + icon for the first instrument on the mixer to give the other instruments their own channel, I create busses for each section of the orchestra and send them to reverb (pre fader).


My first problem is an other instruments reverb playing when I solo an instrument. Whenever I solo the Cello (clicking "S" on the mixer) for some reason the Violins reverb is also playing, none of the other strings are doing this, even though they are set up the exact same way; bussed to the same reverb with pre fader. When I solo the Violins the cello's verb can be heard, both these instruments seem to be connected somehow.


My second problem is changing the volume of the Trombones within kontakt. Because I use the main fader on the mixer to control the dry/wet levels of the reverb, I change the volume of the instruments within Kontakt by clicking on that little wrench icon and changing the volume knob. This works perfectly fine for every instrument but the Trombones. For the Trombones it only changes the volume of the reverb, the direct sound doesn't change at all. I have no idea why because is is routed the same as every other instrument.


If anyone could help me with these it would be much appreciated


Thanks for your time :D

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Hey there,


There are many ways to make orchestral templates and even more ways to get from point A to point B when working with multi timbral orchestral templates in Kontakt, PLAY, etc. But for this question, my inclination is to say...


I don't use Kontakt to mix anything; especially reverb. Things get confusing and mixed up quickly, and that especially holds true the bigger your templates get. When you're mixing, you're going to want everything in one place, not in separate instances of Kontakt spread throughout your project mix. For example, if I'm making a cello multi with Symphobia, I'll make a multi-timbral channel, build the cellos with whatever articulations I want, route them to their own MIDI channel, then simply bus my reverb to that multi's main channel in the mixing view using Logic's space designer (or another 3rd party reverb). If I solo an instrument within that mutli in kontakt, or simply click on its MIDI channel in the arrangement view, all I hear is that instrument. It allows me to edit each instruments CC automation independently from the others while having all my cellos on one channel strip for EQ'ing and reverb later. That's my advice when working with Kontakt orchestral templates, as well as PLAY instruments. While my set-up is a bit different than what I just described, it's one of the main ways I used to do it. I can give you other advice if you're wanting it, and if I've missed the mark here, please give me more details and I'll do my best from there.


Another way to do this is to actually create separate instances of Kontakt for each articulation and then route all of them to a single bus. The advantages to this are that it spreads the CPU load a bit better when working with more intensive samples. To each their own on that one, as your system will dictate what's best.


Point being, stop mixing in Kontakt...it's just going to make your life more difficult the larger your templates get.



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