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Logic Control Gone Wacky[SOLVED]

Ace Baker

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Now my Logic Control goes to the end of the song if I scroll the wheel, instead of advancing bar by bar.


I've tried deleting the control surface setup in Preferences, no change.


I've tried trashing a prefs file called "com.apple.logic.pro.cs", but I don't seem to even have that file at all in my Prefs folder.


I've tried going from 64 bit mode to 32 bit, and back, no change.



Help please.



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Close Logic. Power down the LC. Delete the CS prefs. Boot up Logic. Open the Control Surface setup. If any device icons are showing up there, delete them. Power up your LC and wait. When the LC installs itself its icon will appear. Now Rebuild Defaults. Close Control Surface Setup. Does it work?
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