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Can Apple transfer Plug-ins from an old computer to anew one


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Can Apple transfer Plug-ins from an old computer to anew one?? I Was just wondering, because if they can't its not really financially worth it...


Thanks for the knowledge



I don't think they'll take care of re-licensing those plug-ins that are tied to hardware IDs.


Transferring all your stuff is something you can do easily yourself with the Migration Assistant.


The problem with copy protection and licenses is that there's a lot of different ways to go about that, and many models require a challenge-response via e-mail or a website whenever you change hardware.


And if - as with the SPL Attacker and Free Ranger - the "one free authorization" offer has expired, there is no way to activate those plug-ins on a new machine at all.


Blame copy-protection mechanisms for that - or blame the assholes who think not paying for software is their privilege, and who make copy protection necessary for small developers trying to make a living.


I seriously doubt that Apple will (or even can) take care of licensing all the individual plug-ins and their individually quirky and/or boneheaded copy-protection mechanisms for you. They would need your sales records, previous activation codes, various site log-ins, as well as access to your e-mail.

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You make it sound like I called you an asshole.


Did I?


(also - I thought that was a pretty matter-of-fact. What do you think it sounds like when people are actually angry?)

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You give a good impression of a drunken tourist, I'll grant you that.


Now as for your (unclear) question:


Apple can "do" nothing. It is a brand, it cannot "act". It just sits there.

An Apple computer on the other hand can do things, with a proper OS installed. An Apple computer is generally referred to as a "Mac", often with some pre- or suffix to further specify the model.


If you mean if you can somehow transfer your 3rd party plugins to another Mac running OS X, yes, you can. But the procedure may differ from plugin manufacturer to plugin manufacturer, depending on whatever sort of protection scheme it uses, so you'll have to check for that with those manufacturers. As for Logic's own plugins, they are part of Logic, they're not separate. The Apple plugins in Logic are part of OS X, so no need to transfer those.

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Apple CAN and DO do stuff for you, AS A COMPANY.


Here's how it works:



You walk into an Apple Store with your computer.


You buy a new computer.


You tell APPLE to transfer all your s#!+ from the old machine onto the new one and make everything look and work just like the old one.


You pay for the machine and the set-up service.


You walk out with both machines.



Apple has sold you a new machine and performed the act of migrating your crap.

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