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Logic Pro 9 Advanced Music Production - page 229

Jan Steele

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In the subject "Subdividing Folders for Rearranging the Project the Key commands in 1 and 2 don't seem to be producing the result descibed - the playhead doesn't move and there are no vertical lines appearing. Split Regions by Playhead doesn't work from the local menu bar either.


I assume that I must have changed the key commands by accident but I have been following the instructions in this chapter carefully up to this point and everything has worked so far.

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Assuming that you have already chosen the "US" (no numbers) Preset these should work.


Go to Preferences;Keycommands and check the assignments for:


Go to Next/Previous Marker, and Split Regions/Events by Playhead Position (\)


Either re-assign them, or re-load the US preset.




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