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Logic and MacBook Pro = poor graphics?


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The graphics for the mixer, mainly the meters in both the inspector as well as the track mixer, are completely glitchy for me on my MacBook Pro. I'm wondering if other people with similar machines are seeing what I'm seeing?


I run 32-bit mode, if that matters. Anyway. Some meters will either be non-responsive to audio during playback or if they are responsive the graphics for the meters have a terrible refresh rate. Mind you it's not on all tracks, but maybe 1 - 3 at a time and it all seems pretty random which tracks will do it. I can also reproduce this in a session with 1 audio track playing an appleloop only.


Anybody have an explanation or some possible leads?

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This is on a Thunderbolt MacBook Pro?


Have you installed the latest graphics update and firmware upgrade? They supposedly explicitly correct graphics glitches.


(explicitly corrected graphics glitches sounds like they now insert nudes - that is not the case.)

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