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Manual looping trouble


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Hey guys, Im sure there is a simple answer to this....yet Im scratching my head puzzled....

I have possibly done something that has stopped my cursor turning into the loop icon and am not able to loop any new tracks/midi tracks. Also some old tracks will not loop either.

I can extend length etc but not loop.

I have tried zooming in and out with no success.

All I can think of is that I must have bumped a keyboard shortcut or something.


Any ideas...?

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I don't think there's anything you can do to turn it on or off. It doesn't appear when you're zoomed out, and it only appears at the top right of a region.


Then again, I do remember times when the loop tool would not appear. I believe that was just a graphical glitch, the mouse pointer would not show me the Loop tool, but still acted like one.


What happens if you loop the whole track (from the region parameters in the inspector, or with the shortcut - mine is 'L'), then bring your mouse to the upper part of the looped section, do you get the Loop tool then? If not, what if you click and start dragging right or left?

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yeah i can press L and loop. then it the loop icon shows when i put the cursor on it.

It seems to not work on the very short midi tracks all of a sudden. only in this particular project im working on.

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Ok guys I found the answer.....Im a dumb ass lol


For those that are interested or just for future ref:


I was zoomed IN too close (track wasnt TALL enough).

Any previous looped tracks would show the loop icon but any NEW or unlooped tracks/midi/wav sections etc would NOT show the loop icon.

Once I adjusted the hight....(made taller) the icon would show on everything.


I tried zooming out longways which did not work....but didnt try HIGHT :roll:


Thanks for help guys

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