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volume trouble with drum track


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In my time of learning logic i came across a problem i could never remedy. the volume slider for my drum track in one of my songs will not go up past -28.9 ... I am can turn it up past this but eventually it just slides back down and i cant hear my drums anymore, perhaps there is a very simple answer to this problem, but seeing as how i am a new user with this program "even the simple things take time for me" I would greatly appreciate some help with this.




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You're dealing with volume automation. There are two type of volume automation:


1) Track Automation

2) Region Automation


1) Click the automation button on the toolbar and make sure you don't have any automation on the track. If you do, select the track and choose Track > Track Automation > Delete Visible Automation on Selected Track.


2) Select the region, open the Event List and make sure you don't see any volume events. If you do, select one, choose Edit > Select Similar Events and press Delete on your keyboard.

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