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Can't open things I downloaded

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I'm having a problem opening things i downloaded with logic.. for example, I downloaded Native Instruments' Kore 2 Player just to see what sort of stuff they have to offer, and I'm not sure how to open this with logic.


It says it can either open by itself or in any DAW, and its not working in logic.. so can anyone help?


Note: I am fairly new to using Macs/Logic so maybe this is a simple problem, I'm not sure.

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Are you running Logic in 64bit mode? If yes, open Logic in 32bit mode first so that newly installed plug-ins are properly scanned.


you could also verify if the Logic-compatible version of the plug-in (audio unit) is where it's supposed to be in the computer






~/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components ("~" means the your user account, the home folder with the little house icon)


Either location is good.



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