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External Instruments and MIDI Channels problem [SOLVED]


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Having a few problems integrating my Virus B synth with Logic and so if anyone could help me and let me know whether:


a) I'm doing something wrong

b) It sounds like there is a problem with my synth, or

c) Logic is behaving oddly


... then I would be very grateful.


So here is what happens:


1. I select a single program on my external synth and set it to transmit on a MIDI channel (lets say channel 1 for this example).

2. I create a software instrument track in Logic and a GM device in the environment, load in an External Instrument plug-in to the track and set the MIDI destination to 'GM Device: 1 (Grand Piano)' and set the Inputs to the relevant stereo pair (5-6 in my case).

3. I then create some MIDI data on that track and it plays the selected sound in my synthesiser fine.

4. I then create a second software instrument track with an External Instrument with the same Inputs (5-6) and assign the MIDI Destination to 'GM Device: 2 (Polysynth)'.

5. I then put a plug-in (lets say a reverb) on the track with no MIDI data (which is set to MIDI destination 2), press play and I can hear the effect of a quieter reverbed signal mixed in with the a louder signal created by the track with MIDI data on!


Am I doing something wrong? It's just a pain as I can't use Multi programs, as every time I add an extra External Instrument plug in on a track, it picks up some of the signal from the first track I made and amplifies it because it is producing a quieter signal! Any help would be massively appreciated. Thanks :)

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If you are using a multi timbral external instrument you either need to have the voices coming in on separate inputs or, if you are short of connections, when you set up the external instrument plug-in only set the input for the first voice & leave the rest of them blank - when you come to record the audio you may want to record each external track separately if you do it this way though.


You will not be able to apply reverb to a particular part unless you isolate that part by bringing it in through separate inputs.


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