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Hey dudes...


So I'm banging my head against my mixer whilst mixing this track... and I realize that all the bottom end is overcompressed due to the EZ mix plug I'm using on output 1&2


So I take the Kicks and the subs and send them to outputs 5&6 on my desk and everything is now sounding sweet. But, when I bounce the project to listen to it in the car... I get the mix that is coming out of output 1&2 and everything coming out of 5&6 is left out.


Is there a way of bouncing all outputs at once?

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Rather than setting the outputs of your tracks to "Out 1-2", "Out 3-4" etc..., set them to "Bus 1", "Bus 2" etc... Logic automatically creates Auxes for those busses, so let's assume you haven't used any Busses/Auxes yet in that session, you would have


Aux 1 = Bus 1

Aux 2 = Bus 2



Now set the outputs of your Auxes like this:


Aux 1 = Out 1-2

Aux 2 = Out 3-4



Now what you can do is on Aux 2, set a send to bus 1 so you can have that "stem" into your bounced file when bouncing.


Obviously, your bounce will not benefit from any external processing you may be doing on your hardware mixer if you go that route. If you want that processing then you have to record the stereo output of your hardware mixer onto a new stereo audio track in Logic while mixing.

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