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AKG K240 Studio Headphones Problem

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Hey guys,

Today when I opened up Logic and started playing some stuff (using headphones), I noticed that the sound is not as clear and there is a lack a bass coming through the headphones. After messing with them just a tad, I noticed that the problem seems to fix itself if I twist the the left headphone part (the thing that goes over your ear) towards me. However, when I return it to normal, the problem reoccurs. I don't know exactly what to do. What should I do?


My headphones are AKG K240 Studio headphones. I received them last Christmas and have not had any problems with them up until now. Help me!

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"Things change". And "things wear out". Sad, but true. Your choices:


• fix it yourself (can you solder?)

• get someone else to fix it (probably expensive)

• buy a new pair

• if they're under warranty, and the warranty covers that kind of problem, contact AKG

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