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New To Logic - cue mixing and audio setup

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Hi all,


I'm new to Logic and am having some diffuculty understanding some options on which I hope somebody can help. This post might be quite long as I describe what I have and what I'm trying to do/understand. Apologies in advance.


I have a Logic 9 setup, with a motu ultralite mk1, active monitors on main outs, a headphone amp on outs 3-4.

I'm inputting on mic and guitar (input 1 and 2 respectively), and a keyboard on inputs 3-4.


I think Ive mastered the bus concepts in that I currently have all my inputs and outputs set up on different busses with the output set to the specific interfaces as required (i.e for the keyboard Ive set output to bus 40 (the main outs) and input to input 3-4.


I'm not sure the correct way to set up my gear as above, and the best way to monitor and create different mixes., and I'm confused with MOTU cuemix.


Say I have recorded two audio tracks and am listening on monitors to them.

I want to lay another audio track, and want to send a specific mix to my headphones so I can record the track with the right level in my ears.


1. should (in general) I be listening to the two tracks plus the recording live input on the monitoes and if so, how do I do this with zero latency?


2. If I want to record vocals, and send the vocal input to the phones, can I also mix in a slice of the inpout with say an effect in logic - in other words, send the clean vocals, and the wet with effect (a bit of it at least) also into this same cue mix?


3. I also have a MOTU cuemix bus set up (for zero latency monitoring) under CuemixDSP - this is monitoring two inputs and mixing them down to outputs 7-8 on the motu. How do I, or what is the correct way to deal with this through Logic?


Essentially, I'm trying to set up a system where I can send a discrete and different if necessary cuemix to main outs, headphone amp or phones on the motu that includes the tracks I want to send (via sends and busses) together with the live input of the artist. Also the possibility of pushing the live input through logic and adding a bit of effects and sending this back to the artist on whatever output I require - so that they can get hear their live input dry, but also have some of the processed inpout.


Thanks in advance for any help, and I hope I have made sense. I'd welcome any suggestions as to the most efficient way of setting up above, any where I might be going wrong.


PS - at this point I have software monitoring in logic disabled - unsure if this is the correct thing to do - its all very confusing!!!


Kind regards


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