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Option to disable Live Input Mode


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Many of us are getting CPU spikes because of Live Input Mode (where Logic stacks all processing for the currently selected channel on one CPU thread) - and for what? So we can control these plugins with a MIDI controller? Most of us do not use or care about this extra functionality, and if we do it's only on a situational basis (e.g. live performance).


I think it would benefit everyone if we had the option to disable Live Input Mode. :!: I've been desiring this for a very long time - Apple please consider.


Thank you,




P.S. yes I know about this article http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3161

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guess I had my terms off (my apologies), but what I'm requesting is not stacking a channel's CPU tasks (including the master strip) on one processor just for the sake of enabling the channel strip to be played live from a MIDI controller. pressing 'R' doesn't fix that, so I still get CPU spikes.


I'm on an i7 by the way... this shouldn't be happening in my humble opinion. I can't recreate it in other sequencers - not that I'm comparing because Logic is the best 8)

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