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quick ultrabeat question


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Yes you can - Use the Drag & Drop Samples Kit in Ultrabeat (Sounds like you are already doing this). Then in the sequencer increase the gate by clicking on the blue bar and dragging it across the sequencer.


In the example below I dragged a 1Bar Apple Loop into Ultrabeat. I then triggered the sample on the 1st 16th note of each bar (Buttons 1/17 on the sequencer). The gate has been increased by cliking and draggng on the blue bars in the sequencer. You can see that the sample now triggers on the 1st 16th note of each Bar in the Sequencer and lasts for 1 Bar each time it is triggered....


Hope this helps....


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so i tried both methods and i had no better results.


when i click on the keyboard map within ultrabeat, the 2.5 second sample pays fine.


when i trigger it from my roland pad, through my alesis I/O, i have adjusted any possibilities on the alesis to help but no change at all. there is no note length/decay/sustain option either.






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