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LF Person to master a record (sample included)Hardrock/Metal


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Hey folks,


I'm looking for a person to help me conclude a friend's record. I recorded and mixed their songs with logic pro. Now, there is the most important thing, the mastering. The mixes I've done are all in all transparent and kept to a reasonable mixing limit which in my case would be -6 db. It spoils nothing to say that I know my business but with the mastering, I have found my limit.


We've had enough of words! Here is a quick mix-down and mastering of a track I did so that you don't have to squeeze the sound out of your speakers.




Let me know if you're interested.


Mike :!:

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Hmmm, I downloaded it, but it is already very compressed/squashed, with a long term dynamic range of -8/-7 dB. It has already been mastered up to hefty "World of Loudness Warcraft" strength. And there's no headroom at all. Look at the waveform from 2'30" onwards: no "legroom" either.

If anything, this has to be "unmastered"... though I must add that it is still relatively transparent for such a compressed mix...



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guessing I used the LF for the looking for term, deducted from world of warcraft, is unfortunately true :D


concerning the mix, i did the mastering myself, just to have it on an audible level.


this being said, you can see that I'm not good at mastering my mixes and that is why I'm looking for somebody to do it.


as far as it goes for the budget, I think I have to stick to the prices whatever you would charge me with.





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