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Moving inserts to different slot: bypass doesn't follow?


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I'm trying out AirWindows Console and Tape plugins on an existing mix, so I need to make room at the top of my insert chain. But I also have automation on my plugins, so I dont want to loose it! I'm scared!


My first attempt was on the master. I have a gain plugin as my first insert on the master with some automation. I was worried that this information would be lost when I moved the insert to slot 2 (control drag), but lo and behold, the automation moved to slot 2 with the plugin!! YEAY! "This is going to be cake" I thought, and said out loud, at the same time...it was a weird feeling.



Anyway, this behavior seems (so far) to be constant with all plugins automation, both 3rd party and logic, on all tracks! "DOUBLE YEAY!" Automation moves with the plugin when you change slots.....all except for....




On an audio track that has GtrAmpPro on insert slot one, automating the bypass switch, when I moved this to slot two, and the automation DID NOT MOVE!! Any idea why? Why would this automation type not move as well? Is this a bug?


On an interesting side note (which are hard to play.... get it.... "side NOTE?"...ok bad joke), even though moving the plugin to a new slot moves its automation (except bypass) undoing this action did NOT move the automation back! Is this another bug? If so BEWARE!


If anyone can help with this situation, please do! If you cannot, please at least test this behavior and see if its a bug in your system too. If so, we have something new to report to Apple. :)



Jon (still recovering from his Logic induced brain explosion)

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I don't have a solution, just an explanation:


Plug-in bypass has nothing to do with the plug-in, it's not a parameter of the plug-in. It's a parameter of the channel strip, and is identified by the insert number, not the plug-in. That's why in your automation parameter menu on the track header, you'll find all the plug-in parameters listed under the name of the plug-in, while the bypass automation will be listed under "main".


I know that doesn't make your life easier, but maybe at least that makes it easier to understand WHY it works like that.

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