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Failed to load audio unit "Altiverb 6"

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Hey everyone


I keep getting this message every time I try open this specific project. It works fine on all the other projects where I have it running and I can add it to a new project no problem, just one project I always get this message. It has never done this before and I have had it for 2 months.


I thought it might have been a memory problem but even if I delete every instrument and plug in from the project (and go to options-project information-reorganize memory) I still get this message when I try to open Alltiverb. I have also tried rescanning it in Audio Units Manager, it comes up successfully validated but I still get the message when I try to open it.


Anyone know what the problem could be? I need it to work on this project. I figured this was a problem with Logic and not Altiverb seeing as it runs fine in every other project. So I thought I would ask here first and if no one knows then post on the Altiverb forums.


Thanks for your time

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