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Vocalist Wanted for this modern Disco Track!


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Hey Guys,


For the last 8 months me and a french electronic composer have been working on an E.P. We have been writing / recording the material ourself's and by collaborating have come up with something we are proud of.


This song needs a vocal, male or female it doesnt matter I want to hear everyones ideas! :) here is the track:





If you want to have a go at this then e-mail me and I will send you the song.



PLEASE BARE IN MIND - you have to have a decent microphone, a decent voice and a moderate knowledge of how to get the best results from your recording equipment. Of course you will have to record the vocals yourself and then send them to us, we will then use them and mix them into the song.



Any comments about the track - any ideas about vocals melody...anything, please feel free to respond.




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