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My custom live logic/mainstage rig... (pics)

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Hey there

I'm an avid Mainstage & Logic user in live settings...long time viewer of this forum and so thankful for all the help and resources from all of you. Wanted to post and share this...



Got tired of using a typical keyboard controller + mac book pro + cables + etc etc to run my mainstage rig when playing live in local detroit-area beatles tribute outfit(and other gigs too), so over past 3-4 weeks I built this size & shape accurate Vox Continential "replica" …the finish is not orange & gray tolex covering, but I think the stained look works pretty well if you see it in-person(deep red top, black base). The chrome stand is "official" -- ordered it from Northcoast music after I finally settled on the Vox as the basis for the design. It was a "logic"al (sorry) choice due to hollow case would work perfect to house everything, as well as the beatles having used one on stage, and for an authentic tribute act, this allows vintage-like exterior with everything you need under the hood.



Inside the requisite goodies securely mounted, including a dual core mac mini(running very lean 10.5 OS 32-bit all the way for now, boots right into my mainstage setup - have used this particular mini live for past 2 years with great success), apogee interface, 15" lcd, logitech keyboard/touchpad for emergencies/changes, exterior XLR for balanced stage-ready output, and few other details I plan on finishing this weekend.

Keyboard is a CME UF-7 that I had lying around; certainly not my favorite but it works great provided you don't use it's onboard usb(non-compliant) interface.


Going to be honest, this was a ton of fun to build and I wouldn't mind making more of these…anyone out there looking for something like this?


And maybe not Vox-style, but there are lots of design options. Having mainstage in one easy to transport kit could prove to be handy.



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hey you guys thanks so much for the kind words!!!! so glad you dig it

within the next week(hopefully sooner) I will get better pics/info posted and hopefully at least a quick video demo.

I am just finishing up the external power & audio jacks and a few decals, etc. then will get some nicer pics taken.

thanks again so much for the warm feedback

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