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Mbox Core audio Crashes when imac sleeps?


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Hi all,

Just checking that I should be using CORE AUDIO driver with my MBOX set up ?

I was just on a LYNDA video and the guy says.." DAE ? is the best option to use with Digidesign/Mbox set ups" ?

Is that if you are running Pro tools hardware or something?


Core Audio and the MBOx runs fine (WHEN IT RUNS) but i do have a kind of M Box/Core audio related Crash problem.


It happens daily, If the Machine falls to sleep... i waken it to find the Core Audio or MBOX not sure which has totally crashed and if i go to enable/Record a track the most almighty freaky white noise alien hell erupts on the Record enabled track... guitars sound like Chainsaws and this persists until you disable the Record button and re start the machine .. It really hinders creativity as you go to the machine with the idea to record and you take 5 minutes to reboot and get back to where you were before?

It's so annoying and i'm really keen to try and get to the bottom of it..


Does it sound more like an APPLE/Core audio issue?

i just wondered if anyone else ever had a problem like this.


Thanks always for your help.



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