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Have you produced 70/80's disco or funk back in the day ?

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I love the 70/80's sound and i listen a lot of it, and now we're kinda doing record with heavy influences from that era, but also bringing our own new ingredients to the project. Our only live instruments will be guitar and electric bass.


I'd like to know what was the main reverbs, delays used back then and what do you think are the pieces of gear you would use to process sounds to achieve that classic beautiful sound.


What comes to hardware, we're using hardware synths mainly. We've Chandler Germanium Compressors, Avalon 734+2055, Eventide Eclipse and Korg SDD-2000 delay. I lately grabbed Roland space Echo RE201 for the project. We're very interested about amping, but we don't have much information about the amp / speaker combination we should use.


So, i would be glad to hear some gear suggestions or just good general information from those sessions :).

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