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Incorporating a second sound card with TSP2/Maschine/LP

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Okay.. no one wants to take 15 min out of their busy life, I get it. Maybe this should be in the Logic forum as well, as now my fix to my problem which resulted in using another audio interface creating an aggregate device has screwed up logic pretty bad. =(


Can someone just briefly explain 3 things (or as extensively as you would like, the more info the better!)


I have the NI AUDIO 6, and the Presonus Inspire. I need to use both of these. I am finding that sometimes they want to co-operate when I toggle between 3 various locations containing settings (Inspire (MIXER BYPASS) (Logic Software Monitoring) and lastly, the most confusing section, the "Aggregate" Setting in the Audio/Midi pref's in OSX 10.6.6 Logic 9.1.4



Currently as you see in the video, that you likely wont watch because it was too drawn out ad I was too open that night and im sure that doesn't translate to someone thats serious, but thats just me.. im a bit of a nut.


I hooked up the Roland Handsonic in the one set of balanced RCA inputs on the inspire. On the front, a GT-55 condenser, leaving one instrument Chanel The Inspire is 4 single in puts (one stereo and 2 inst/mic and one set of out. FW 400. It has an additional input for FW400 which has a WD 500 Studio Passport attached. I can go out the WD HD with the included conversion cable that allows for micro usb 2.0 output. If you think thats straining the Inspire, I will do that.


On the NI side of things, it's the AUDIO 6, I was misled by a sales rep at GC who didn't know what he was talking about and went with the TS2 Duo instead of the pro, only to get home and realize I should have spent the extra cash to get 2 more stereo in's and a usb port that my (2) 7 port connecting powered Belkin hub would have benefited from as it has one free port remaining! Electric bill sucks big time


Which would you use as the master interface? ultimately, the sound gets routed to my mixer, and then returned as I sometimes use the effects in the DJM-909 and while I can record sets with both NI's effects, and Pioneers, I have no extra inputs on the mixer then without using the "session in" which is currently how I control and listen to any system sound, as it leaves the AUDIO-6 on the front ports which normally are 1+2 (out) but now as an aggregate, are 7+8


Which is better? How would you set things up in logics Audio Preferences?


I have a more serious issue concerning Maschines Lib, as I just installed mine licensed one for the first time, and my buddies, who used my MBP in a session installed his library somewhere and now Logic crashes when i try to use maschine as a plug because it's looking the controller associated with that, as is Kore 2 or the player in both 32 and 64 likely from seeing 2 x'1's, nocturn, and maschine. :x :x :x maybe its time to wipe and instal PT9 as a alt daw..


I don't want to do it, but it's lookin like thats life :cry: On the bright side, it's nice having a fast fresh install, and knowing exactly what plugs you DONT want to waste your time with. 753 plugs is just stupid. I have no problem owning that. You live and learn. Komplete 7, Waves, DUY, Sound toys and maybe. :cry:

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